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The Washington Cluster Advocacy Group (WCAG) is a community-based organization that represents all the residents of West End, Westview, Ashview Heights, Washington Park, Oakland City, English Ave., Vine City, Just Us, and the AUC.


Shaping the future of Southwest Atlanta

M. A. Jones Elementary
1040 Fair St SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Hollis Innovation Academy
225 James P. Brawley Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy
1654 S Alvarado Terrace SW, Atlanta, GA 30311

Brown Middle School
765 Peeples St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

B. T. Washington High School
45 Whitehouse Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

KIPP WAYS Primary (K)
350 Temple St NW, Atlanta, GA 30314

KIPP Strive Primary Academy (K-2)
1448 Lucile Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

KIPP Strive Academy (K-8)
1444 Lucile Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

KIPP WAYS Academy (5-8)
350 Temple St NW, Atlanta, GA 30314


Different communities united in quality education

WCAG is dedicated to bringing awareness, support, and resources to all of the schools, students, parents, educators, residents, and stakeholders of the Washington Cluster of Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. We encourage partnership and collaboration between parents, school administration, community members, local colleges and universities, neighborhood associations, businesses, non-profits, alumni, and APS (Atlanta Public Schools) in order to create a thriving and cohesive educational environment in which all stakeholders can receive a quality education without leaving their own communities.


Various different groups, organizations, and stakeholders participate in the WCAG. Here are a few links that you may find helpful and/or informative.


All we ask for is your voice and support. Each community is only as strong as its schools. Join the closed Facebook group to give and receive all the information that pertains to your community schools. We need you to help mold the vision of your community's future. Be sure to stay in the loop by joining the closed FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wcagatl/

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Atlanta, GA, USA

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